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Embedded Linux Trail

This is summary of general embedded linux development posts that I made during my exploration on TS-7260 (EP9302 ARM920T-SoC), EA3131(LPC3131 ARM926EJ-S SoC), PHY3250(LPC3250 ARM926EJ-S SoC) boards. Note that some of the posts are hardware specific, and may not run on your platform.

Host Preparation

  1. Setting Host Infrastructure for Embedded Linux Development
  2. Testing The Host Infrastructure

Kernel Compilation

  1. Compiling TS-72XX Linux Kernel 2.6.21 using CodeSourcery-GCC
  2. Testing Linux 2.6.21 on TS-7260 board

Embedded Linux Driver

  1. Hello World Module for TS-7260
  2. How to be a read_proc function

Embedded Linux Distro

  1. Creating Simple Root Filesystem for Embedded Linux
  2. Preparing Kernel Header for TS-7260
  3. Testing power saving mode on EA3131
  4. Howto Use Linux Watchdog
  5. Cross compiling Disko for ARM926EJ-S SoC
  6. Cross compiling OpenSSL-1.0.0b for ARM926EJ-S
  7. Cross compiling ‘Disko-Demos’ for ARM926EJ-S
  8. Testing ‘Disko-Demos’ in LPC3250

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