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November 3, 2008

Simple Hayes AT Command Parser

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After a very long time, I finally have time to implement this idea: AT command parser. My first thought about AT command was how to separate the data from the OK/ERROR, and how to differentiate the URC from AT command.

So, here’s my idea (to be specific, the interface for the AT parser):

* Send AT command to the serial port
* @param atCmd The AT command (ended with r or )
void sendAtCmd(String atCmd) throws IOException;

* Get the parser status
* @return true if parsing is done, false otherwise
boolean isParsingDone();

* Get the AT command's data
* @return Array of string consist of the AT command data
String[] getAtCmdData();

* Get the status of the executed AT command
* @return AtCmdStatus
AtCmdStatus getAtCmdStatus();

The usage of the AT command parser will be something like this:

try {


    // Wait until the parsing is done
    while (!atParser.isParsingDone()) {
        // Sleep for 1-s

    if (atParser.getAtCmdStatus() == AtCmdStatus.OK) {
        for (String atCmdData : atParser.getAtCmdData()) {
            System.out.println("Data :" + atCmdData);
    } else {
        System.out.println("AT Command Error");
} catch (InterruptedException ex) {
} catch (IOException ex) {



October 8, 2008

RXTX Serial Port Helper

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Well, the conclusion of the RXTX posts in this blog may have been written in this code sample. It will help you to establish serial port operations (connect / disconnect / add data available listener / get serial port’s OutputStream/InputStream).

I put this on the blog, because I keep moving around project to project. Hence, it always take a lot of time to find it from one of the project folders. At least, if I keep it online, google will help me to find it when I need it.


August 29, 2008

RXTX Loopback Test Program(2)

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This second loopback program is to test RXTX’s serial event (data available event). Note that you need serial loopback to use this source code.

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