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December 2, 2008

Compiling TS-72XX Linux Kernel 2.6.21 using CodeSourcery-GCC

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TS-72XX is a board types made by Technologic Systems. I have one of these boards in my hand, TS-7260. But the problem is the board was shipped with Linux 2.4 kernel. So, I decided to recompile the kernel to update mine.

Basically, the steps is similar with Technologic’s note, except that I use CodeSourcery’s toolchain instead of Technologic’s (here and here). Here’s the details of the steps:

Getting and Installing CodeSourcery Toolchain

CodeSourcery provides lite version of their modified GCC package. Even though CodeSourcery’s lite version doesn’t support GUIs out-of-the-box, it still works, and very useful for hobbyist like me.

You can get the toolchain from here. Don’t forget to choose the GNU/Linux version, since you need the bottom of the libc to be connected to GNU/Linux syscalls.

To install the toolchain, just untar the package into any directory. For me, it’s $HOME. It will generate a directory (mine is $HOME/arm-2007q3).

Getting and Compiling the Kernel

The Linux 2.6.21 source code for TS-72XX board can be downloaded here. Untar it to get the source code. Then:

  1. Type “make ts72xx_defconfig”
  2. Type “make menuconfig” (only if you want to add/reduce the kernel features..Otherwise you can skip it).
  3. Type “make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=/path/to/your/toolchain/arm-none-linux-gnueabi-“

The “arm-none-linux-gnueabi-” refers to the prefix of your cross compiler. Some cross compiler have different prefix (such as “arm-linux-” or “arm-elf-“, etc – depends on how the compiler was compiled).

The result is “arch/arm/boot/zImage” file, which can be copied into your SD-CARD for testing.


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