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November 22, 2010

Understanding NXP LPCxxxx Series Timer

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Not very sure about how the NXP LPCxxxx timer works ? Well, so do I =)

But after working with few of LPCxxxx series, I finally can get a good view of how the Timer works. Here’s a block diagram of how the Timer works (at least in LPC23xx, LPC24xx, LPC31xx, LPC32xx, LPC111x, LPC176x)

LPCxxxx Timer Diagram


October 19, 2010

Tail-Chaining ARM Cortex-M0 Interrupts

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Building ARM Cortex-M0 bootloader seems like a bit more difficult that what I’ve imagined.

Here’s the first challenge: the ARM Cortex-M0 interrupt vector table is not relocate-able. Hence, if we put our bootloader into ARM Cortex-M0, we need to find some way to chain the bootloader’s interrupt vector to user’s interrupt vector.


September 28, 2010

LPCXpresso Hands-On / Lab Tutorial

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LPCXpresso for lab experiments: presentation with hands-on.

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