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February 5, 2009

Linux Device Driver Programming for Java Programmer

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If you have used Java Swing Framework before (or any OOP framework for Java), learning linux device driver programming is not that difficult. Linux already has its device drivers framework. What you need to do is just overriding the ‘methods’ that you like, and registers your ‘class’ into the framework. It’s very easy, right ?

Here’s my experience with simple character device from Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide. (more…)

February 3, 2009

Hello World Module for TS-7260

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Actually this post is based on Linux Device Driver 3rd book (you can buy its hardcopy here, or view its softcopy here).  I only port it into TS-7260 platform.

The hello module consist of hello.c and the Makefile. Here’s the hello.c file: (more…)

Preparing Kernel Header for TS-7260

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One of requirements of Linux device driver development in 2.6 kernel series is that we need its header (and some of its object files). Therefore, it’s necessary to compile the kernel first before it can be used as kernel header for device driver development.

For TS-7260, download the kernel from TS-Logic site (here). Note that you need the exact version of the kernel that run on your board to develop device driver that’s running on it. (more…)

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