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March 24, 2011

Moving Out

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You might notice that some of the code that is posted in this blog cannot be downloaded anymore, or it leads to a dead link. The code used to be hosted in 4shared, a free web storage, until I lost the account because I didn’t login for few months (I was at holiday abroad, in the middle of the sea without any internet access, when they sent me email to login or my account would be deleted).

I feel quite disappointed, and finally, I decided to buy my own hosting space to make sure that my code is archived better. Currently, I’m on my way to upload my backup into new site. Hopefully, I can find all of the code snippets that I posted in this blog in my DVD backup.

Anyway, I also want to thank you for visiting or subscribing Embedded Freak so far. I hope my blog will still be interested enough for you. If you’re looking for embedded freak’s new website, it’ll be hosted in http://embeddedfreak.materee.com

I’ll post the latest news of the server migration once it’s done.

Thank you



September 28, 2010

Compiling Nut/OS-4.9.9 with CodeSourcery GCC

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The Nut/OS-4.9.9 needs Yagarto GCC to compile for ARM7 series, while I’m using CodeSourcery GCC. Here’s some patch to fix the compilation


Compiling Nutconf for Nut/OS-4.9.9 with wxWidget-2.8

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It seems like the Nut/OS-4.9.9 nutconf has some compiling issue with wxWidget-2.8 (the default Ubuntu Lucid wxWidget). Here’s some patch to fix the ‘nutconf’ compilation


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