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September 23, 2008

Using NesC without TinyOS

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Being avid NesC user for a year makes me understand how powerful this language can be.

It’s not C++ (or some kind of new OO/Object Oriented language), but it has just enough OO features to support embedded system. C++ / J2ME is complety useless for 8-bits MCU with memory less than 1MByte. It’s not C, or another kind of portable assembly language, but it’s quite portable if you know how to design your interface. You can even replace the peripheral / IC drivers within 1 line of code.

My plan is to use NesC components without TinyOS. It will reduce a lot of code size. Hence, the whole program can be stored inside 2kBytes AVR, since the radio (CC2420) is replaced by transparent modem (Maxstream).

And here’s the thing that I found: