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January 28, 2009

Differentiating Old-EABI and EABI Cross Compilers

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I had some difficulties with my cross compiler. It seems like my hello world program cannot be run in the board’s root fs (I’m using Debian ARM as my root fs). After seeking here and there, I found this page on debian site.

So, I tested my compiled binary (using objdump -p), and I found out that my installed Debian ARM was based on Old-EABI, while my current compiler (from Codesourcery) is based on new EABI. The result is that my binaries, application and modules, cannot work on the board’s Debian, but the kernel (since it’s independent from any of root fs) could run on it.

The solution for this is to download the correct cross compiler toolchain from TS-Logic website (here..watch the EABI when you download it).

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